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                                                                UPPER RECEIVER

UR-1.   charging handle complete                                                                                                                   18.00
UR-2.   latch                                                                                                                                                 3.00
UR-2a.  Badger tactical latch
  gen 1                                                                                                                21.00
UR-2b.  Badger tactical latch gen 2                                                                                                                 21.00
UR-3.   latch roll pin                                                                                                                                         .50
UR-4.   latch spring                                                                                                                                        1.00
UR-5.   ejection door pin                                                                                                                                1.50
UR-6.   eject door pin clip                                                                                                                                .50
UR-7.   eject door sring                                                                                                                                   .75
UR-8.   eject door                                                                                                                                         5.75
UR-9.   forged A2 upper receiver stripped                                                                                                       99.00
UR-9.   forged A2 upper receiver complete                                                                                                    140.00
UR-9a. forged A3 upper receiver stripped                                                                                                        85.00
UR-9a. forged A3 upper receiver complete                                                                                                     100.00
 UR-9b. ARIZONA ARMORY A3 billet slick side upper no foward assist complete w/door                                          145.00
UR-9c.  ARIZONA ARMORY A3 billet upper with foward assist and brass deflector complete w/ door & fwd assist      195.00 

UR-9M4. ARIZONA ARMORY billet receviers with M4 feedramps                                                                     add 10.00
UR-10. foward assist pawl                                                                                                                                 N/A
UR-11. foward assist pin                                                                                                                                    .75
UR-12. foward assist spring                                                                                                                              1.00
UR-17. round foward assist button                                                                                                                  11.00
UR-17a.teardrop foward assist button                                                                                                              13.00

UR-18. A3 upper receiver parts kit (includes all parts to complete a stripped flat top upper, door ass. and fwd assist)  20.00



                                REAR SIGHT ASSEMBLY
RS-6.  elevation drum upper                                                                                 7.00
RS-7.  elavation drum lower                                                                                  6.00
RS-8.  elavation spring                                                                                         1.00
RS-9.  roll pin                                                                                                       .75
RS-11. detent ball spring                                                                                       .50
RS-12. ampeature                                                                                              9.00
RS-13  A2 sight assembly complete                                                                     37.00
RS-14. detent ball                                                                                                .50
RS-15. sight housing                                                                                         18.00
RS-16. flat spring                                                                                                1.00
RS-17. windage drum roll pin                                                                                  .75
RS-18. windage drum                                                                                          6.00
RS-19. windage drum screw

                              B.U.I.S. BACK UP IRON SIGHT
Yankee Hill Machine
YHM-R QDS dual peep rear
YHM-F QDS front  
YHM-S QDS set includes front and rear                                                                         

                                BOLT CARRIER ASSEMBLY

BC-1.   semi-auto carrier complete                                                                                      55.00
BC-1a. full-auto carrier complete                                                                                         60.00
BC-2.   gas key                                                                                                                10.00
BC-3.   gas key screws                                                                                                       1.00
BC-4.    bolt srtipped                                                                                                        35.00
BC-4a.  bolt complete                                                                                                       48.00
BC-5.    gas rings X 3                                                                                                          3.00
BC-5a.  one piece gas ring                                                                                                   4.50
BC-6.    bolt cam key                                                                                                          5.00
BC-7.    ejector                                                                                                                 2.00
BC-8.    ejector roll pin                                                                                                         .50
BC-9.    ejector spring                                                                                                        1.00
BC-10.  extractor                                                                                                             16.00
BC-11.  extractor pin                                                                                                          1.00
BC-12.  extactor spring and buffer                                                                                        2.00
BC-13.  firing pin                                                                                                                6.00
BC-13a. titanium firing pin                                                                                                    9.00

BC-14.  firing pin retainer                                                                                                      .75
BC-14a. enhanced firing pin retainer                                                                                      7.00
BC-15.  extractor upgrade kit                                                                                                     
                                       complete assemblies

BC-16.   complete semi-auto bolt and carrier assembly                                                            135.00
BC-16a. complete full-auto bolt and carrier assembly                                                               135.00
BC-17.   complete chrome semi-auto bolt and carreier assembly                                               160.00
BC-17a. complete chrome full-auto bolt and carreier assembly
BC-18.   complete Natinal Match semi or full auto bolt carrier complete                                              



BBL-1.    A2 flash hider                                                                                                       6.25
BBL-2.   crush washer                                                                                                        2.25
BBL-3.   sight base                                                                                                           35.00
BBL-4.   gas tube roll pin                                                                                                      .25
BBL-5.   handguard retainer (triangle)                                                                                  3.00
BBL-5R.  handguard retainer (round)                                                                                   3.00
BBL-5M. handguard retainer M4                                                                                          3.25
BBL-6.    front sight detent spring                                                                                          .50
BBL-7.    front sight detent                                                                                                    .75
BBL-8.    front sight post                                                                                                     5.00
BBL-8A.  front sight kit (includes BBL-6, 7 and 8)                                                                   6.00
BBL-9.   standard handguard (rifle length)                                                                           19.00
BBL-9A.  M4 handguards (oval)                                                                                           21.00
BBL-9B.  M4 handguards w/ double heat shield                                                                    28.00
BBL-9C.  CAR handguards (round)                                                                                      18.00
BBL-9M.  midlength handguard                                                                                          21.00
BBL-10.  standard gas tube (rifle length)                                                                             15.00
BBL-10a. carbine gas tube                                                                                                 15.00
BBL-10b. midlength gas tube                                                                                              15.00
BBL-11.   snap ring                                                                                                             2.25
BBL-12.   weld washer                                                                                                        5.50
BBL-13.   delta ring                                                                                                             8.50
BBL-13A. delta ring assembly (includes BBL-11 thru BBL-13)                                                  13.00
BBL-14.   barrel nut                                                                                                             6.50
BBL-15.    sling mount                                                                                                         2.00
BBL-15a.  sling mount rivet                                                                                                    .50

YHM-9630-DX CA  Carbine Length Diamond Forearm                
YHM-9633-DX Midlength Diamond Forearm                              
YHM-9637-DX Specter Length Diamond Forearm                        
YHM-9635-DXRifle Length Diamond Forearm                              
YHM-9631 Carbine Length                                                        
YHM-9634 Mid-Length                                                            
YHM-9638 Spector Length                                                      
YHM-9636 Rifle Length                                                           

YHM-5000 Smooth Carbine Forearm                                                                  
YHM-5005 Smooth Rifle Forearm                                                      

YHM-9484-A 15/16" Inside Diameter                                           
YHM-9484-B 1 1/16" Inside Diameter                                            


HG-MGPL MOE Handguard color choices folliage, od, FDE, or black


16" M4 barrels are chambered in 5.56 they feature 1/2" X 28 threaded muzzles for attaching either compensator, flash hider or sound suppressor, they have the correct "F" marked front sight base for proper sight elevation on A3 flat top upper receivers. feature M4 feed ramps for reliably feeding under rapid fire. barrels are complete magnesiun phosphated/ parkerized even under the front sight base.

BBL-16M41/9CMC.  16" M4 1X9 4140 chromoly barrel, M4 feed ramps, complete  "F" frt sight base,                                                   
                            barrel nut, handguard retainer                                                                                                                185.00
BBL-16M41/9CMS.  same as above but stripped (no frt sight, handguard retainer or BBL nut)                                                    145.00
BBL-16M41/7CLC. 16" M4 1X7 4150 chromelined barrel, M4 feed ramps, complete "F" frt sight base,                                               
                           barrel nut and handguard retainer                                                                                                           250.00 
BBL-16M41/7CLS. same as above but stripped  (no frt sight, handguard retainer or bbl nut)                                                     210.00
BBL-18SPR1/8SS. 18" 1x8 stainless steel midlength gas system stripped barrel                                                                       255.00
BBL-20HBR1/8SS. 20" 1X8 stainless steel rifle length gas system stripped barrel w/ matched bolt                                             325.00